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Quality world essays

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Personal Essay on Becoming Submissive. August 25, 2005 in Life by essays, lunaKM. I hear on a daily basis that this person or that person is a natural submissive. Phrases? These people don’t have to work to world, feel that quiet place in themselves that helps them feel the need to please and serve others. It’s just a part of who they are. Essay Topics? For those people, there are a multitude of essays about world essays how to irish essay, better themselves and world essays, enhance what comes to them easier than others. This essay is for those that feel the desire to be submissive but it just isn’t so easy for them. I am not a natural submissive. For many people they would say that I am then, not submissive at all.

I feel a need to be submissive but it doesn’t come easy for me. I have to bible, make a conscious effort to quiet my opinions, my dominant thoughts and quality world, my reflexive actions. Gun Control Amendment? Within the vanilla life I live, I have to quality, be independent and dominant. I am pretty good at essay sharer, taking care of myself, for myself sake. But that is not fulfilling to me. I look to essays, the lifestyle to reporting essay, fill the void that I feel when I come home.

When learning about the essays, D/s lifestyle, one finds a division of roles that is essay mostly defined by personality and quality world essays, natural behavior more than desire and choice. I’m not saying there aren’t sections of the psychological effects, community who would disagree with me on this, just that I feel there is an quality world essays unspoken marking of people when they are introduced to the lifestyle. When I walked into this lifestyle, my only desire was to feel the essay on the secret, submissive in me and enhance my service to world essays, others. I felt that this would fill that void in my life. However, if you speak to those that met me first, they will say that I was very dominant in nature and much closer to a Dominant or perhaps a switch and certainly not submissive. It is a good idea that I discuss, ever so briefly, about the differences in bottom, submissive and slave so that it is understood that I really mean submissive in this essay. A bottom is just that, a submissive type person in effects of poverty on children essay, a scene or sexual encounter. It does not go outside of that instance.

A submissive is someone that wishes or is subordinate in life as well. A slave is one that has voluntarily given over control of every aspect of their life to their dominant partner. Quality World? I wish for the submissive life. My challenges of becoming submissive started shortly after I found the essay topics, lifestyle. After a very dominant role in quality world essays, my previous relationship I had to try and find the amendment essay, part of me willing to let go and quality, allow someone else to control aspects of my life I had taken care of. Inside the bedroom it was easier for irish essay phrases me to quality world, let go. I found a comfort in allowing the funding essay, other person to quality world, control that part of my life and gun control amendment, still find it the easiest place to find my comfort in. I savor being commanded to do things and service my dominant in practically all aspects of bedroom life. Essays? My mindset is easily changed when I am in my sexual bonds, within a scene or forced to a business, service my dominant in any manner he sees fit.

For me this still is a place I can return to and feel the beginnings of my submissive nature that I know exists. Outside the bedroom I found strong resistance to even the essays, slightest things like household chores, time restrictions on TV, internet and telephone and fought back with angry words and hateful deeds. According to community leaders and friends that I spoke to, it is not uncommon for a submissive to struggle against changes in routine, control structure, protocol or ritual. It was a relief to know that I am normal. Resistance is a part of gun control amendment essay learning and growing within yourself and essays, your relationship. Effects Essay? In my case, it was dealt with swiftly and treated as a behavior correction. Yet the release of control, the service I could provide, and the pride in essays, work well done is what I desire outside the reporting essay, bedroom/scene almost more strongly than anything. Quality? This is essay where I am now. I am earning rewards for good behavior, for working myself into that submissive state outside the bedroom where I can serve and be fulfilled in my role with my dominant in life, love and the vanilla world.

Only you can know if you truly want to be submissive or if you are by nature. If you desire it, then it can be achieved. It will take hard work and there are setbacks, challenges ahead and internal struggles. But believe me, it’s worth it. So you want to be submissive? Give it a try, work towards your goal and become! PS: Master believes I have a submissive nature and that I have just repressed it due to my past experiences. I guess I will have to reflect on that more and see what I can see from the inside out. Darlene on Lea on Lea on I went to a munch this weekend#8230; blossom on quality world essays, I can#8217;t stop thinking of amendment him as Master.

Bleue on I can#8217;t stop thinking of him as Master. #9658;2017 (23) September August June May April March February January #9658;2016 (24) December November September August July June May April March February January #9658;2015 (80) December November October September August July June May April March February January #9658;2014 (49) December November October September August July June May April March February January #9658;2013 (146) December November October September August July June May April March February January #9658;2012 (200) December November October September August July June May April March February January #9658;2011 (175) December November October September August July June May April March February January #9658;2010 (242) December November October September August July June May April March February January #9658;2009 (241) December November October September August July June May April March February January #9658;2008 (317) December November October September August July June May April March February January #9658;2007 (485) December November October September August July June May April March February January #9658;2006 (306) December November October September August July June May April March February January #9658;2005 (257) December November October September August July June May April March February January #9658;2004 (14) December. I've been sick again. I think I might have to go to the Doctor with my concerns that I'm almost Cross Contamination. I am so tired of cross contamination and glutened myself again. Quality Essays? I gave Johnsonville brats another 2014 I'm Sick. Topics? This post will probably be a short one. I'm not feeling very well and world essays, have been fighting something 2013 Slave Uniform. On Friday I wore what will be my slave uniform for the first time. It's not an everyday requirement 2012 Na-no na-no. Day in, day out.

I'm not sure what I do with my days that is supposed to funding venture essay, be interesting to talk Another Weekend. Not much to say tonight. I'm getting ready to massage Master's feet which is a fantastic way I 2011 You Stink. You ever have anything that will just make you not want to have sex? Well for us it's smell.

Just a Same-old Same-old. It's one of those times again where I sit here, not sure what is world essays going to come to mind to reporting essay, talk 2010 Planning My First Courses [KA] So last night I spent some time looking through the available categories on Kink Academy so that I Fifty Percent Give or Take. It seems that 50% of the time we've lived in the new place Master or I or both have been sick. I'm.

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My quality world Essay - 481 Words

mla essay dated “Ding dong, the witch is dead … the wicked witch is quality essays, dead!” The new 8th edition MLA Handbook (MLA 8) makes creating references on a Works Cited page so much easier than the 7th edition guidelines. You’ll be singing, too—once I walk you through it, that is! The 7th edition MLA Handbook (MLA 7) was pretty darn complicated, listing a specific format for irish essay each conceivable type and variation of source material . It forced you to find the “right” format for each source. Quality Essays? Or—if you’re anything like me—stressed you out as you tried to frantically cobble together several format elements to reporting essay make it “work.” MLA 7 didn’t accommodate new types of media very well either—how do you cite a Tweet?

Or a reader comment at the bottom of an online news article? Or a YouTube video? The good news is, MLA 8 makes the answers to all of world essays those questions easy. In fact, it’s so digital-age-friendly that you can stop wishing for a magic wand to make your Works Cited page magically appear—or ruby slippers to click to make yourself disappear! Using MLA 8 instead of MLA 7 is like becoming besties with the Good Witch Glinda instead of the Wicked Witch of the East. Reporting Essay? (Oof, sorry, MLA 7—should I be watching the skies for tornadoes and flying monkeys?)

So what’s the big change? It boils down to a shift in rules. MLA 7 was all about the rules. MLA 8 is more like a guiding set of principles, providing flexible guidelines that you can use for sources published in any type of media—including new, unpredictable media types. This post is world essays, your stress-free guide to MLA essay format (8th edition). It covers everything you need to know, from formatting to referencing. Ready? Kick off those ruby slippers, and let’s go. MLA stands for Modern Language Association. Getting the Formatting Just Right for Your MLA Essay.

From line spacing and the use of the serial comma to the title section, MLA is pretty specifc about how things should look in your MLA essay. Here’s a quick rundown of the basic elements. Set all of your margins at reporting essay one inch and your font type to Times New Roman, size 12. World? Set the whole document to be double-spaced (including the title section and Works Cited page) with no extra spaces between paragraphs. Indent the first line of each paragraph one half-inch, and use only one space between sentences. Finally, use the serial comma. Love it or hate it, the serial comma is bible essay, required in MLA.

A serial comma (also known as the Oxford comma) is the final comma before the coordinating conjunction ( “and,” “or,” and “but”) in a list of three or more things. Here’s a quick example. I included a serial comma before the essays “and”: The Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion , and Dorothy followed the essay topics Yellow Brick Road. In MLA format, you don’t need a whole title page. You just need a title section. In the upper left corner of your first page, type the world following (keeping it double-spaced, of course!): Your Professor’s Name.

The Class Title. **The date format for MLA is reporting essay, day month year. So for example, if the current date is March 1, 2017, for MLA purposes, you would write this: 1 March 2017. You also need an actual page header with your last name and page number, right justified. The page numbering should start on the first page and continue all the world essays way through the very last page of your Works Cited. Then, you also need to think up a snappy title. If you want to figure this out reporting essay, later, for now you can just type “Title.” (Don’t worry—I get it.

Titles are hard , snappy or otherwise. But this post might help: How to Write Good Essay Titles That Are…Good). Here’s how your paper should look so far: For more formatting details, and examples of what the formatting looks like, check out the Purdue OWL’s General Format guide for papers and its MLA Sample Paper. With me so far? See, no ruby slippers needed. “Dorothy’s ruby slippers at the Smithsonian’s American History Museum” by HarshLight, (CC BY 2.0) /cropped.

Creating In-Text Citations in MLA Essay Format. Any piece of information that came from world your research—and not from your own brain, as mushy as it might be from and second essay all this MLA stuff—needs to be cited in order to identify the source of that information. In other words, academic integrity is important. It means giving credit to essays authors when you use their ideas. This ensures you won’t get in trouble for phrases plagiarism, not even the quality world essays unintentional kind. All right, ready to start citing those sources? Click your heels together to say yes, but no disappearing on me. Citing your sources is done using in-text citations.

Beyond giving credit to the original author, in-text citations also align with the essay topics sources in your Works Cited (which we’ll get to in a bit!). Quality? This makes it easy for readers to essay find your original sources if they want to explore them. In MLA, in-text citations include the author’s last name and the page number where the information appears in the source. In the example below, “Smith” is the quality world essays author and “79” is the page number. Research shows that flying monkeys really do hate little dogs (Smith 79).

If you include the irish essay author’s name in the text of quality a sentence, the page number still goes in parentheses at gun control the end of the sentence. Here’s an example: In My Love for the Wicked Witch, Smith was sincere when he said, “It tore me apart to see her melt” (17). Also notice that the world citation appears after the quotation marks and the period is and second essay, placed after the quality essays citation—like so, “Quote in quotation marks” (Author #). Have a source with no author? No problem. The title then serves in the same role as the author. Pretend the Smith source above didn’t have a listed author. The in-text citations for the above book source would look like this: Research shows that flying monkeys really do hate little dogs ( My Love for the Wicked Witch 79).

In My Love for the Wicked Witch, the author was sincere in saying, “It tore me apart to essay on the secret sharer see her melt” (17). Tip: If a source has no author and you must use the title, use italics for longer works (e.g., books, plays, entire websites, TV shows,. Essays? movies). But use quotation marks for shorter works (e.g., book chapters, articles, a page on irish phrases, a website, episodes of a TV show). Have a source with two authors? Use this format: “Quote in quotation marks” (Author and essays, Author #). Three or more authors? This one’s a little bit different. You only need the first listed author, followed by reporting essay, “et al.”—like so: “Quote in quotation marks” (Author et al. #).

According to quality world essays Author et al., Dorothy’s ruby slippers were “all the rage” (#). (Because come on, who wouldn’t love red sparkly shoes?) To see even more examples for various situations and and second amendment, source types, check out the Purdue OWL’s MLA In-Text Citation guide. Quality World? It’s super-duper helpful and bible topics, almost like having a magic wand! Preparing your Works Cited Page in MLA Essay Format. Setting up your Works Cited page before you write your essay makes your life a whole lot easier. This allows you to fluidly add in-text citations and the corresponding reference entries in the Works Cited as you use each source in your essay.

Sounds like a lot less hassle and confusion later, no? Bonus: When you finish your essay, the Works Cited page is already done too! All without a wand OR ruby slippers. Clearly I’m biased on how you approach this, but you can also certainly make your Works Cited after your paper is complete if you wish. Either way you do it, just make sure “Works Cited” begins at the top of the world first blank page after the last paragraph of your essay.

Also make sure it’s centered. Bible Essay Topics? In other words, after your final paragraph, go to the top of the next page. Then use “Works Cited” (no bold, no italics) at the top of it, centered. It should look like this: It’s critical that readers can find the information you used—and that’s the purpose of your Works Cited page.

It provides a map that leads directly to quality world the exact sources of your information. Phew! Now we’re ready to bible essay dive into essays the biggest changes in bible, MLA 8. Ready? I promise to essays make it as painless as possible! Remember those hair-pulling, pillow-throwing days of gun control and second amendment trying to figure out how to format a source that didn’t fit a predefined source type in quality essays, MLA? Well, if you don’t, trust me, they weren’t fun! Either way, those days are officially over thanks to MLA 8. The authors of venture essay MLA 8 were all about creating reliability and flexibility. Instead of having different guidelines for essays different source types, in their wizard-like wisdom, the authors of MLA 8 provided a flexible set of core elements. That way, you can pick the most appropriate elements and skip elements that aren’t relevant.

So now, without further ado, I introduce to you the “core elements.” I’ve made a pretty little table to help you visualize how MLA lays this all out. Here are the core elements: Notice the punctuation after each element? This is the same punctuation you will use in your Works Cited entry after the corresponding piece of info. Now, don’t get discouraged if you’re fuzzy on the details. Let’s break this down.

Sometimes sources are located within a larger source. To account for this, the table above has two containers, Container 1 and reporting essay, Container 2. For example, a journal article within a database would require using both containers. In that situation, the journal information would go into Container 1, and the database info would go into Container 2. For many sources, you might only need Container 1—the details of each source will help you determine that. But before we get too much into the weeds, let’s plant the quality world essays seeds first, shall we? Let’s look at each core element in order so that you know exactly how to use each one.

The author is usually what it sounds like—it’s the essay name of the person (or persons) who created the work. However, this definition is flexible. For example, if the focus is on quality world, the translation of a book, and not the content and ideas of the book itself, the psychological of poverty on children essay translators’ names are used in the “author” position. If the focus is on the performance of a particular actor, rather than the TV episode itself, the actor’s name is used in the “author” position. As in quality, former MLA Handbook editions, if the author information is missing, the organization that created the work is listed as author. And if all else fails and and second amendment essay, no author can be attributed, then that position is skipped. Essays? The entry begins with the title of the source instead. In MLA format, the first and second authors listed for a source are written like this: Smith, John, and Tim Jones. For three or more authors, you only need the first author, followed by “et al.” Like this, for example: Smith, John, et al. For more variations, multiple works by funding a business venture essay, the same author, etc., see the Purdue OWL’s Works Cited Page guide—and use the links on the left to quality world essays find various situations. But remember, these are just examples.

The core elements should be your guide to referencing your sources. The title of the source is the title of the work you’re most directly referencing. In other words, it’s the particular work within the container—such as an article within a periodical or an essay within an anthology. But sometimes your source is essay, self-contained, meaning it’s its own thing. In other words, it’s not a smaller part of a larger source. Books, websites (if citing the website as a whole), music albums, plays, a painting—these are all examples of self-contained works. This means when you plug info into containers, Container 1 wouldn’t have a “Title of container.” Instead, you’d jump right to the next piece of info, “Other contributors.” Important here is that ALL titles, regardless of their original formatting, are standardized. All titles are in title case with a colon used before any subtitle, even if the original title uses a dash or some other way to quality world essays break up the a business venture main title and the subtitle. Titles should look like this: This Is the Main Title: This Is the Subtitle.

The title of the container is simply the essays “whole” work that contains the subordinate work you’re specifically referencing. It may be an academic journal, a newspaper, a website, an venture essay, album, or a regular radio episode series. And more complicated situations follow the same pattern, or repeat the pattern. If past issues of world a periodical are found in an online database, then the format would include Container 2, for example. Other contributors refers to other people who contributed to the work, if that person’s contribution is important to the purpose of what you’re writing. You can start this section by describing the nature of the person’s contribution: Translated by, Edited by, etc. Version is bible topics, pretty self-explanatory: if a source comes in quality, various versions or editions, you indicate which one. For journal articles, for example, version is the volume number, which would require the abbreviation “vol.” before the number. Number is also self-explanatory: issue number, episode number, etc. The abbreviation “no.” is used in front of and second things like journal issue number or TV episode number.

Publisher is fairly self-explanatory too. World Essays? If the publisher is the same as the funding title of the container, omit the publisher name. For example, if you found an quality world, article on essay sharer, a website, the website itself might also be the publisher. Also note that, in MLA 8, the city of quality world essays publication is reporting essay, no longer needed. The publication date should be written with the day first, the abbreviated month second, and the year third (Example: 17 Mar. 2017 instead of quality world essays March 17, 2017). If the source lists different dated information—such as a season or a span of months for funding a business essay a publication that covers several months—use that information instead. If not all of the information is provided, you include what is provided, even if it’s only the year. One caveat here on world, websites.

The copyright date or “last updated” date is NOT the essay phrases same as a publication date. Many sites do not list a publication date. That’s okay. In such cases, you simply omit the essays publication date. The location of irish essay phrases a work is world essays, dependent on the specific work. This could be the actual location of and second a painting, an quality world essays, album number, the page range for an article in a journal, or a web address. For any online sources, you must include the URL (but always omit the “http://.” This was optional in MLA 7, but mandatory in bible topics, MLA 8. If the work has been assigned a doi, you should include that instead of the URL. Key Points to Ensure You Rock Your MLA Essay Format. The key thing to remember is this: If your source has one of the core elements, list it in world, the Works Cited entry, and then go to the next element. If it doesn’t have a core element, skip it. Let’s look at effects on children essay some examples—then you can safely toss those ruby red slippers to quality world the back of your closet.

Before you dive into the examples (because I know you’re absolutely dying to, right?!), keep this in mind for ALL SOURCE TYPES . Yes, it’s really that important that I felt the need to put it in all bold caps. Ready? For all titles (titles of funding a business venture sources or titles of world essays Container 1 or Container 2), use italics for longer works and quotation marks for shorter works. Longer works: Books, plays, albums, anthologies, TV shows, journal titles, websites, magazines, newspapers, etc. Shorter works: Chapters, songs, articles in anthologies, TV show episodes, journal articles, title on the page of a website, magazine articles, newspaper articles, etc. All right— now we’re ready. Reporting Essay? Deep breaths. Trust me, you totally got this! Works Cited Examples for MLA Essay Format. Let’s say we’re citing a book called Memoir of essays My Life: The Dark Secrets of Always Being Good by Glinda G. W. North. Here’s how the entry in your Works Cited would look if you’re just considering the placement and look of the core elements. ( Note: The details in parentheses are simply to help define the element for effects you.

They’re not part of the quality world entry itself.) Author. Title of Source (Book title in italics; books are self-contained). Other contributors, Version (edition), Number (volume #), Publisher, Publication date, Location (pages, URL, or doi). Container 2 title, Other contributors, Version (edition), Number, Publisher, Publication date, Location. Remember, you only need to bible topics include the details that apply to the specific source. So you may not need all of the core elements.

Here’s what our table would like with the publication details plugged into the containers for book by Glinda North: In your Works Cited, then, your entry for quality world the book would look like this: North, Glinda G. Funding Essay? W. Memoir of My Life: The Dark Secrets of Always Being Good . Quality World Essays? Yellow Brick, 1958. Example #2: Chapter in effects of poverty on children, an anthology/book. What if you’re just citing a chapter or a book, or a work within an anthology? You’d use a very similar format to quality world the book entry above, but more details would be included. Here’s how the reporting essay entry in your Works Cited would look if you’re just considering the placement and look of the world core elements. Author. “Title of Source” (Title of source in quotation marks, chapter name). Title of reporting essay Container 1 (Title of book in italics). Other contributors, Version (edition), Number (volume #), Publisher, Publication date, Location (pages, URL, or doi). Container 2 title, Other contributors, Version (edition), Number, Publisher, Publication date, Location.

Again, you only quality need those elements that apply. In this instance, we have two added elements: 1) the title of Container 1 and 2) another contributor (an editor). Here’s what our table would like with the funding venture publication details for an article in an anthology plugged into the containers: In your Works Cited, then, your entry for the chapter would look like this: Greenwitch, Grenada. “Being Green in world, a World of White Witches.” The Making of the Wicked Witch of the West, edited by Sukie Eastwick, Witches Unite, 1966, pp.

133-48. Example #3: Journal article in print. For a journal article where you use a physical copy of the article from the actual physical journal (hey, sometimes everything isn’t available on the web!), here’s how the irish phrases entry in your Works Cited would look if you’re just considering the essays placement and look of the core elements. Author. “Title of Source” (Journal article title in quotation marks). Essay On The Secret Sharer? Title of world Container ( Name of essay topics Journal in quality world essays, Italics ), Version (vol. A Business Venture? #), Number (issue no.), publication date, location (page range). Here’s what our table would like with the publication details for a journal article in print plugged into the containers: In your Works Cited, then, your entry for the journal article in print would look like this: Gale, Henry. “How a Tornado Knocked My Niece Clear Out of Kansas.” Kansas Quarterly , vol. 12, no.

3, 1940, pp. World Essays? 38-45. For a journal article published in a journal and then housed in on the sharer, a database, you’ll need both Container 1 and Container 2. Now, pretend the article used above is actually available online in the StormData database. Here’s how the world entry in your Works Cited would look if you’re just considering the irish essay placement and essays, look of the core elements. Author. “Title of Source” (Journal article title in quotation marks). Title of Container 1 ( Name of journal in italics ), Version (vol. #), Number (issue no.), publication date, location (page range, if article also appears in print).

Title of Container 2 ( database name), Location (URL or doi). Topics? Access date (optional, not included when doi or stable URL is used). Here’s what our table would like with the world essays publication details plugged into the containers: In your Works Cited, then, your entry for the journal article in a database would look like this: Gale, Henry. “How a Tornado Knocked My Niece Clear Out of Kansas.” Kansas Quarterly , vol. 12, no. 3, 1940, pp. 38-45. StormData ,

Note: The above URL is reporting essay, a stable URL, so like a doi, it will never change. Thus, you would not need to provide an quality world, access date under any circumstances. We’re about to bible get super meta here. For an example of a newer media format, here’s how you would cite this very blog. World? For any blog post, you’ll likely only need Container 1. Here’s how the entry in your Works Cited would look if you’re just considering the essay on the sharer placement and look of the essays core elements that are relevant here. Author. “Title of Source” (Blog post title in quotation marks). Title of Container 1 ( Website name in gun control and second, italics). URL.

Date of access. Here’s how our table would look with the publication details plugged into the containers: In your Works Cited, then, your entry for the chapter would look like this: S., Erin. “The Stress-Free Guide to MLA Essay Format.” , 1 Mar. Quality World Essays? 2017,

Accessed 1 Mar. 2017. A few important notes here: Kibin is irish phrases, also the publisher. But since the publisher name and the title of Container 1 ( are essentially the same thing, the publisher is not listed separately. I’ve included the date of access (Accessed 1 Mar. 2017), but this is NOT a mandatory element in world essays, MLA.

You only gun control amendment need to include access dates if your instructor requires you to world essays do so. Funding A Business Venture? The date of access and the published date are the same as well for this particular source, but this would be rare in real life. See, very meta! If you need more help with using the core elements, Purdue OWL provides the definitions and quality world, examples for each element in its guide for creating a Works Cited list. Now that you know what everything means, you can start documenting your sources. Here’s a few final things to remember: Arrange the entries in alphabetical order based on the first word of each entry (ignoring articles—i.e., “a,” “an,” and a business, “the”). Left align the first line of each entry, and use a hanging ? inch indent for all subsequent lines of the same source. Use title case for quality world all titles, which means prepositions and funding essay, articles are not capitalized unless they are the first/last word of the title or the first word after a colon. Here’s how your Works Cited page should look:

To make your own Works Cited entries easier and quality world essays, stress-free, use the pretty little table shown in the examples above to psychological of poverty on children fill in source details for your own MLA essay. You can grab some blank copies of it here to fill in the core elements until you’re ready to put your Works Cited together. EasyBib also makes referencing your sources easy and has links for each of the core elements. Quality World? That’s about as close to a magic wand as you’ll get! For more details on the changes in MLA 8, read it straight from the witch’s mouth on funding a business venture essay, the Modern Language Association’s Webpage.

Once you’ve wrapped up your paper and your Works Cited page, you can always have a second set of eyes looks things over by sending your paper to a Kibin editor—your own magical secret weapon for quality essays catching any MLA 8 errors! Now fly like monkeys and cite! Cite, my pretties, cite! “Wicked Witch of the West” by greyloch, (CC BY-SA 2.0) Psst.

98% of Kibin users report better grades! Get inspiration from over 500,000 example essays. About the Author. Erin S. Essay Secret Sharer? loves the quality world English language, but sometimes makes up her own grammar rules. She gardens to venture essay get away from the rest of the world, and is a Kibin editor for essays fun.

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What does the perfect translator CV look like? Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci wrote the essays first CV 500 years ago? You can be the best painter, philosopher or writer in the world, but you still have to essay convince someone to world pay you for essay, it and you can reach this goal only by writing a perfect CV. At Kwintessential we receive between 30-50 CVs per day, yes per world essays, day. Psychological Effects Essay? Granted lots of them are scams and spam, but many aren’t. Of those that are genuine translators, probably only 1 in quality world essays, 10 translators make it onto our database, which in theory should lead to translation work. Why?

Because their CVs are no good – they don’t present the information we want or expect to see on gun control amendment, a CV. The Project Managers, who deal with these CVs every day, thought it might be a good idea to list all the information they wish to essays see on the perfect CV. Essay? Here are their conclusions. – The ideal CV length: your CV must not exceed two pages length. – Formatting: do not use strange or small size font as they are not easy to read. It would be convenient to highlight or put in bold your master degree or your specialisation according to the job you are applying for. Here is an example: if you are applying for world, a medical translation job, you should put in bold your master degree in medical translation and so on.

Try not to use any colours, crazy backgrounds or flowery page borders. – Personal profile: the first thing you have to know when you are applying for a business venture, a job in the UK is that English employers do not like to see a photo on your CV! Why? Because the photo may influence the essays employer’s decision based on looks or ethnicity. Psychological Effects Of Poverty On Children Essay? Therefore, the personal profile has to include only your name, address, telephone number, mother tongue, email address and Skype account. – Brief description of yourself: after the personal profile, it is recommended to write a brief description of yourself in order to make your CV more captivating and to catch the translation agency’s attention. This description may start for example with “I am a freelance translator” followed by your motivations, translation skills and the languages you translate from and the ones you translate into. – Work Experience: remember that in quality essays, this section there is no need to write down that you have been working as waiter/waitress, shop assistant, baby-sitter and all these jobs that do not concern the translation field. Moreover, this information makes you look like you are not fully focused on your translation job. Always start from the most recent experiences you had to sharer the oldest ones. – Published works: if you are a translator it is very important for world essays, the agency to read about your published works such as research articles or translations.

Include any URLs as these are quickly accessible. – Education: always start from the most recent qualification you had to the oldest one. It is not necessary to include your marks unless you graduated Cum Laud e. Bible Topics? Do not forget to write down the essays translation courses you have been attending indicating the psychological essay source and the target languages you worked with. – Translation fields: if you are a specialised translator drop a line about essays, your translation fields, such as medical, legal, technical, financial, business, commercial, audiovisual, website, tourism, or literary translation. It is also appreciated to have knowledge or experiences in the localization field. – Languages: it is important to bible indicate your level of language skills for each language. – Computer skills: it is very important for a translator to have a good knowledge of the main programmes used by world, almost every translation agency. Reporting Essay? Here a few examples: Trados or Wordfast CAT tools (Computer Assisted Translation) and other translation management systems. Obviously, it is requested an excellent knowledge of Windows and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher).

– Interests: through your interests the agency is able to world find out gun control, more details about quality essays, your attitude and character. Common translator’s interests include travelling and reading. Try and be a bit different as this makes you stand out. – Other information: it may be useful to know if you have a driving licence and your availability, especially if you are also an irish, interpreter. Quality? If there is essay topics anything “extra” about world, your or your service, include it. – Better an email than a cover letter: when you are about to send your CV, it will be better not to attach a cover letter (nobody is going to read it) but just write a few lines in the email with basic personal details, your specialisations, which CAT tools you have and gun control the ones you are able to quality world use. Reporting Essay? Moreover, your charge is optional (but agencies prefer to quality know it). Written by Alberto Moya Garcia and Laura Febo, project managers at Kwintessential, a UK translation agency . For information about working with the agency, visit their vacancies page. About the author. This post was written by a lovely guest author. If you would like to irish essay write for the Adventures in Technical Translation blog or participate in one of quality our ongoing series, please visit the Guest Posts page for more information.

You can also check out the gun control essay awesome guest posts already published on our blog. September 4, 2017. December 15, 2016. November 30, 2016. 21 thoughts on “ What does the world essays perfect translator CV look like? ” When you welcome a guest post, please make sure to warn readers ahead of psychological essay time (i.e. on top) that this is world essays translation agency (broker, intermediary, you name them, but anything but “language service provider”, since translators are the only language service providers – which shows how dishonest these greedy brokers are: they rob translators financially, and also their name. Irish Essay? )’s… bullshit. Indeed a sentence like “it is very important for a translator to world have a good knowledge of the bible essay topics main programmes used by ***almost every*** translation agency. Here a few examples: Trados or Wordfast CAT tools” is a total LIE ! Only 50% of translation brokers use CAT tools, and those are the worst for translators.

Usually big brokers who only quality world, see translation as a matter of: how many K words x how many peanuts. Crooks. People who use computer programmes to gun control amendment rob translators should be BANNED from the translation profession. They DO NOT UNDERSTAND what translation is all about. For centuries, freelance translators have been know for being poor. So what idiotic or crazy person thought it might be legitimate to quality rob them further?…

According to Proz quick polls, using CAT tools has NOT made translators richer. It was just a way of getting orders they might have missed otherwise, but at a lower rate than usual. So CAT tools are making translators poorer and honest translation agencies do not use them. If they want a rebate, that has to be discussed on a per case basis. Today’s brokers’ mentality that this “Trados rebate” is due to them is a LIE. There is no law or rule or even business sector habit entitling them to such huge and dishonest rebate.

Proz crooks and greedy translation brokers are trying to impress new translators, they LIE to them, trying to make them believe that they might not have enough work without those CAT tools (in which name, the term “aided” is essay on the secret sharer a LIE too). CAT tools do NOT “aid” translators. They are only designed to world essays ROB them. Just like PEMpT (Post-Editing Machine (pseudo-)Translation), the latest invention of crazy computer engineers WHO DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT TRANSLATION. Thank you very much. The only useful tip in this very long blog post is to HIGHLIGHT the parts of essay on the secret your CV that relate to the job you are applying for.

The rest is total bullshit. It is usual CV matters. It is also quite common sense. So robbing people’s time by having them read all this useless stuff… And my CV is several pages long (also used for SEO purposes, so….) and nobody complains about quality essays, it… And let’s also not forget that U.K. Essay? agencies are among the worst (indeed, the U.K. World? legislation allows them to disappear overnight without paying…), so who cares what a handful of U.K. PMs think… Thank you for your comment.

I don’t agree with your opinion about LSPs; yes, some of them are exactly what you describe, but there are also wonderful companies out there that can be very valuable partners. This coming from a translator whose clients are more than 90% agencies. As for UK agencies in particular, believe me, they are not the worst ones by far. Just yesterday, I heard that a Greek agency is bible topics using Google Translate daily and then delivers the results to its company clients who have no idea. Not to mention another Greek agency that offers EUR 0.015/word for translation and half of quality world that for funding venture, editing!

As for CAT tools, I think they are indispensable tools for our work. Consistency, concordance, terminology, re-use of old translations; how would we do all that without those tools? Now as for translator CVs, I think it has a lot to do with personal preference. Several years back before I had a website, I had an 8-page CV. I remember PMs telling me how detailed and impressive it was. I’ve narrowed it down to 1 page now, which I prefer. Direct clients and PMs can check out my website for all kinds of quality world extra info. I agree with some of the things mentioned in this post, like fields, languages, education, tools. I don’t agree with a few others, like interests, published works and work experience (if it’s not relevant your translation profile, say waiter at the Hard Rock Cafe).

Have a lovely weekend #128578; It appears that Isabelle has had some very bad experience with Agencies. As with all industries, there are good and irish essay phrases bad ambassadors; but please don’t tar us all with the same brush. Your comments could not be further removed from the feedback we receive from essays our Translators, many of whom have enjoyed working relationships with Kwintessential over many years. We online survey our translators annually (and anonymously!) to find out their true feelings on our working practices and rates, and essay on the the feedback we receive has always been good. Regarding the quality comments on essay, CAT tools; whether we like it or not, advancing technology is a fact of life and we either embrace it and move forward, or risk falling behind the ever increasing pace of the world.

CAT tools improve quality and consistancy of terminology. They are not a tool to quality pay translators less, but are an reporting essay, aid to quality a better quality translation. MT will ever replace good human translation, but it has an important part to play in a world that has become more connected and where people have access to and second more information, and the inevitable growing demands that brings to communicate more effectively across languages. Very well said, thanks Emma #128578; Agreed, well said Emma! There are good and bad agencies in every country, just as there a good and bad translators. Quality World Essays? If you do your homework using the essay on the secret Payment Practices website or the Proz Blue Board, you can usually avoid the dodgy ones. If you’ve had a bad experience, learn from it and quality essays move on.

I also feel very strongly that CAT tools are useful for translators, not just for clients or agencies. I don’t use mine to give all sorts of discounts (and I rarely get asked to, in fact), I use it to make my life easier. I like the interface, I like the in-built quality control functions. I use it regardless of whether I’m asked to. Don’t know what I’d do without it, actually!

1) The agency Kwintessential is not answering my basic arguments, like stating that ALL agencies are using CAT tools is a LIE. This is on the secret typical of those liers. 2) CAT tools have been created for the SOLE purpose of robbing translators on supposed repetitions in the source text. This would not have happened if translators had used the quality world essays AUTOCORRECT functions of MS Word as: a) a TYPING ACCELERATOR, b) a TERMINOLOGY DATABASE. So they wrongly thing that CAT tools are the ONLY answer to this legitimate needs.

3) In today’s translation world, intermediaries/brokers are making more and and second amendment essay more money on world, freelance translators. 4) They use ABUSIVE LANGUAGE, like calling themselves “LANGUAGE SERVICE PROVIDERS”, which seems to essay on the exclude freelance translators from the picture, which is world essays totally UNACCEPTABLE! They also pretend to “HIRE” freelance translators and that they want freelance translators to consider them as “EMPLOYERS”! 5) Seasoned translators admit that ONLY 10% OF AGENCIES ARE GOOD TO TRANSLATORS: that’s VERY LITTLE and I don’t think Kwintessential should be counted among them, given the above totally abusive and reporting essay unacceptable speech! 6) Freelance translators should TURN TO END-CUSTOMERS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IN THEIR CAREERS. The alternative is to continue to be treated like dogs by abusive intermediaries, to live in poverty their whole lives, etc.

Which is essays obviously what Catherine Christaki is reporting essay doing. From her present picture (not the world essays very old one she abusively uses for Twitter), it is obvious she is living in sheer POVERTY and it is bible essay NOT ACCEPTABLE! 7) Agencies are fine for the beginning of a freelance career, but translators MUST MOVE ON to working for end-customers DIRECTLY. Of course, this speech is essays contrary to the interests of intermediaries/brokers, so they try to reporting essay discourage it. Any other comment? Thank you. Yikes, so much anger! My only further comment is to suggest that you read a blog post I wrote a couple of years ago, on working with agencies as a freelance translator. My main point is that, although bad agencies certainly exist, there are many good ones out there too, and quality world that working for them is beneficial to funding a business venture essay the translator no matter what stage in world, their career they are at. You will see that several ‘seasoned’ translators agree with my point of essay view. At the end of the day though, all of quality world this is exactly that: a matter of viewpoints.

You are entitled to gun control dislike working with agencies, and to quality essays say so. You are equally entitled to disagree with whatever anyone writes in a business essay, their blog. For future reference though, you may to quality essays find a way of expressing your opinions that is more respectful. To this end, I reiterate my support for essay, Kwintessential and also for Catherine. Quality World Essays? Though I can’t be sure, I doubt she lives in poverty. I certainly can’t tell from a business essay any pictures of her that I have seen. Seriously?!

It’s obvious I’m living in sheer poverty from my photos?? Good thing I know many people on quality world, social media, I’ll start a support campaign and ask them for their spare change #128578; Isabelle, your comment definitely qualifies as spam, but I’ll leave it here as a perfect example for all of us of sharer what NOT to do online. World Essays? Thank you. Catherine and others: please don’t waste your energy on Isabelle F. Brucher. She’s a well-known Twitter troll with a big anger problem and reporting essay too much free time. Just ignore her and she’ll go away.

Thanks for quality world, the warning Paul #128578; Someone needs anger management classes or perhaps just a class in basic human decency and manners. Topics? At this point, this amounts to world essays cyberbullying. While I usually don’t share my opinion about comments that are entirely inappropiate, because nothing good can come out of it, I will chime in here. Professionals who understand netiquette are aware of what can be said and what not in a public forum. Insulting others, especially the lovely author of this blog, obviously falls into the latter category. We need to agree to disagree.

I remember some of these lessons from early childhood, as most of us do. Reasonable professionals understand that there are many ways to earn a great living in this industry, and that there is no one correct answer. Topics? Obviously Catherine, who is one of the best-known English to Greek translators on the planet, has figured out how to have a very profitable and great working relationship with agencies, who highly value her (as they should). My business model is different, but that’s ok. If you don’t like working with agencies, don’t do it! So go look for world, direct clients, who like to psychological on children essay work with educated, friendly, competent, lovely people who get along with others and don’t insult colleagues on public forums. The comment about sheer poverty almost made me fall out of quality essays my chair laughing! Too funny! As someone who has been to Catherine’s house in Athens and who’s been a very spoiled guest of venture essay hers, it’s important to point out that this (completely offensive) comment could not be further from the truth.

Actually, Catherine and quality world Christos are here in Vegas with me and are staying in a very nice hotel for on the, three weeks. It’s their second trip to the US in a month. They must be very poor indeed. Thanks for your lovely comment Judy and essays also a great thank you to all our good friends who showed their love and support in the comments, on social media and by email. I had to spam Isabelle’s latest (6) comments for being overly aggressive and irish phrases insulting, not only to world me but to other commenters and translation agencies in general. I won’t comment any further because that will only give her an excuse to publish more rants. I will keep the comments open though for anyone who wants to essay topics post any questions or feedback regarding this particular post. I just found this post thanks to the reaction on Twitter and, as I have already said there, I would like to say that I stand by quality world, Catherine and offer my full support. She is not only a well-known and respected translator, but such a lovely person. Like Judy said, we need to agree to disagree.

It would actually be boring if all of us had the same opinion. However, the way we express it makes all the difference in the world. Phrases? Throwing insults at quality world essays each other does not help. A Business Venture Essay? Yes, it may cause a bit of a stir, it may bring attention to someone’s profile, but at quality essays the end of the day it will have done nothing good. We are all professionals (be it freelancers or agencies) and and second our behaviour – online or offline – should reflect that.

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Homelessness Among Veterans: Self-Inflicted or Government Betrayal? By GPD on September 2, 2013. Homelessness among veterans is a major problem in United States. There are programs and services to help veterans, but these efforts are inadequate to effectively address the crisis. This paper defines homelessness, examines conditions of homelessness among veterans, identifies current programs that address the problem, presents arguments in favor of the status quo, presents arguments against the status quo, and then concludes with a moral position. Disclaimer: the arguments in world this article are solely for academic discussions and do not necessarily reflect the and second author’s personal beliefs. Webster’s Advanced Dictionary[1] (2001) defines “ homeless ” as “having nowhere to live; living on the streets: homeless people.” (p. 354). World Essays. For this paper, “ homelessness among veterans ” is defined as a situation whereby a soldier has served in a war zone, returned home, and now has no place of his own to live. Such a former soldier is venture essay a homeless veteran. Homeless veterans live on world essays the streets, in abandoned buildings, vehicles, encampments, shelters, or transitional housing.

They do not have a permanent residence under their control. Effects On Children. It includes those who fit what Martha Burt, et al. (2004)[2] called “street homeless”, which they defined as single adults who spend a lot of time on the streets; and the “chronically homeless”, which they defined as “being disabled and either continuously homeless for a year or more or having at least four homeless episodes during the last three years.” (p. 2). As of 2012, experts believed that homeless veterans make up about 11% of the United States homeless population, which is about “31 homeless veterans for every 10,000 veterans.” This figure, according to quality world essays, Edward Carrillo, et al. (2012)[3], is much higher than the rate of homelessness in the society, which is about “21 homeless person for every 10,000 people in the general population.” (p. 248). According to Donna Washington, et al. (2010)[4], female veterans are 400% more likely to become homeless than their non-veteran female counterparts. (p. 82). Wenzel, et al.’ (1993)[5] research asserted that: “Veterans experiencing long-term homelessness were more likely to funding venture, be white, … to essays, have a poor employment history, to have symptoms of mental and substance abuse disorders, and to essay, have weaker social support.” (pp. 1172-1176).

Homelessness among veterans who recently returned home from world essays, war zones is quite high. The numbers are getting higher as more veterans return home from gun control and second, Iraq and Afghanistan. For example, according to Edward Carrillo, et al., (2012), “on a single night in world January 2010, the PIT count estimated there were 76,329 homeless veterans…. More than 43,000 (57%) of the veterans were sleeping in emergency shelters or transitional housing and the remaining 32,000 (43%) were sleeping on the streets, in vehicles, in bible essay abandoned buildings, or in other places not meant for human habitation.” (pp. 248-249). Other researchers corroborated the enormity of homelessness among veterans.

For example, Jennifer Roberts (2013)[6] postulated that, according to quality, the National Council for Homeless Veterans, the reporting essay Department of Veterans Affairs estimated that 107,000 veterans were homeless on any given night in 2011. (p. 275). Quality. The issue, therefore, is whether the United States Government should allow homelessness among veterans to continue unabated, because it is self-inflicted (which is a social problem that needs no further government intervention); or, whether the government should eliminate homelessness among veterans, because failure to psychological effects essay, do so constitutes betrayal by the government (a moral problem that requires more concerted and coordinated efforts to world essays, eradicate veterans’ homelessness). Argument: Is It Self-Inflicted? Homelessness among veterans is self-inflicted.

Some argue that military service is responsible for bible, veterans’ homelessness. That is not true. Research shows that an world insignificant number of veterans’ homelessness is linked to military service. According to Mares and Rosenheck’s (2004)[7], out of funding a business essay all veterans who perceived that military service increased their risk of becoming homeless, 75% of them were homeless because of their substance abuse problems and not what military service did to them; and this research finding “is consistent with epidemiological data suggesting that military service itself does not substantially increase the risk for becoming homeless among veterans.” (pp. 715-719).

Another research by quality world essays, the American Psychiatric Association (1994)[8] also supports the findings that military service is not necessarily responsible for venture, veterans’ homelessness. (pp. 421-427). Citing a supplemental report by the VA and HUD, Carrillo, et al. (2012) asserted that homeless veterans behave just like other homeless people in the general population, in that they tend “to be transient,” because they “move in and out of quality world essays medical facilities and shelters.” (p. 248). Gun Control Amendment Essay. The report, according to the authors, corroborates many empirical studies by other researchers. This is why it would be impossible to eliminate homelessness among veterans, and why it is world futile for amendment, the government to continue to spend more on the problem. A typical example of why homelessness among veterans is self-inflicted, and why the government should not spend more on the problem, is in the case of quality world a homeless veteran called “Sam” in Edward Carrillo, et al.’s (2012)[9] case study. Essay On The Secret Sharer. According to the authors, Sam’s counselor secured a Section 8[10] housing voucher for him. But Sam was “hesitant” in accepting the permanent housing offered by Section 8, because he did not want the responsibilities associated with it.

Sam further argued that he enjoyed the world essays “comfort level in being homeless” because of his freedom from not worrying about “paying rent, utilities, and other expenses and responsibilities.” (p. 250). Sam also stated that his “biggest problem staying outdoors is where to charge” his cell phone. If Sam’s problem biggest problem, as a homeless veteran, is worrying about “where to essay topics, charge” his cell phone; then he and other veterans like him do not need any more government assistance. Sam prefers to use more than half of his disability income on alcohol and cigarettes than to use 30% of it on permanent housing. Besides, alcoholism and world drug abuse are habits of choice; so, if that is what some veterans choose to do to irish phrases, remain homeless then, by all means, let them be. The government already spends enough to combat homelessness, and world essays no more spending is necessary due to the enormity of our national debt and current economic crises. For example, Burt, et al.’s (2004)[11] final report indicated that as of the year 2000, homeless assistance programs cost United States $2 billion per psychological of poverty year; and it is perhaps more than triple than amount today. (p. 19). Moreover, additional government intervention is unwarranted because there is a plethora of quality world essays information about veterans’ homeless programs and funding a business essay services[12] at the state and quality essays local level, which are available to any veteran if interested. (Burt, et al., p. Topics. xiii). All that the homeless veteran has to do is to quality world essays, apply for and second amendment, them.

The government already provides enough programs and essays services for veterans, and they are focused on prevention, reduction, and eventual alleviation of and second homelessness among veterans. (Carrillo, et al., pp 246-269; Coll Weiss,[13] pp. 281-294; Roberts, pp. 270-280). Below are just a few of the numerous existing programs for world, homeless veterans: Free health care services for all veterans for 5 years from the date of reporting essay discharge. (Roberts, p. 272; Carrillo, 254-255). VA operates several programs providing clinical services, residential treatments, and housing for quality world essays, veterans, and it “has developed an elaborate system of contracts with non-profit agencies to supply a variety of housing and service options” for them, including low-demand [14] housing. (Burt, et al., pp. Psychological On Children Essay. xxi, 22 26). VA’s programs specifically designed for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan include: Transition Assistance Program (TAP); Disabled Transition Assistance Program (DTAP); Wounded Warrior; and quality Reintegration Skills Training. A Business Venture. (Coll Weiss, pp. 281-194). Temporary and Permanent Housing include: Housing First[15], Section 8, Safe Havens[16], Section 811[17], Permanent Supportive Housing, shelters, transitional housing, etc. Counseling services include: Motivational Interviewing (MI), Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), Drugs and essays Alcohol Treatment modalities, and Vet Centers Readjustment Counseling Services, etc. Amendment Essay. (Carrillo, et al., pp. 247-261; Roberts, p. 274).

Other programs include: Montgomery G.I. Bill of 1984[18]; Post 9/11 G.I. Bill of 2009; McKinney-Vento Act[19]; Domiciliary Care for Homeless Veterans (DCHV)[20]; Homeless Persons Reintegration Program (HPRP)[21]; Project CHALENG[22]; Veterans Homelessness Prevention Demonstration Project; National Call Center for quality world, Homeless Veterans; Health Care for Reentry Veterans; Veterans Justice Outreach; and VA Transitional Housing; etc. (Carrillo, pp. 254-261; Burt, et al., 68-75; and Coll Weiss, 291-291). In addition to all the programs and services enumerated above, veterans enjoy many more programs and services provided to them by the American society including: employment hiring credits and bible essay preferences; apartment rental preferences and discounts; sales discounts; and promotions; etc., which are not available to the general public.

Due to world, the abundance of programs and services available to veterans, it is inconceivable that any veteran would be homeless, except if such homelessness is caused by the veteran’s personal failure and inability to take advantage of these wonderful programs and services. So, the government should do no more. Argument: Is It Government Betrayal? Proponents against government intervention argue that veteran homelessness is self-inflicted, and on the sharer that there is a plethora of quality world programs and services available to all veterans. Reporting Essay. But that is not the issue here. Quality World Essays. The issue is whether United States has taken good care of all the veterans who selflessly sacrificed themselves for the country. And the answer is no. If the government has taken good care of the essay veterans, there would be no homeless veterans today.

The failure/refusal, by the United States, to provide adequate housing assistance to all homeless veterans is the most egregious betrayal of these homeless veterans by the government. They were not homeless before they joined the military; and they should not be left homeless now, after their service to the country. Military service causes veterans’ homelessness. According to Carrillo, et al. (2012), the essays “emotional trauma” suffered in funding essay war zones by world, combat veterans are “both a cause and a consequence of homelessness” among veterans. (p. 248). They postulated that many veterans suffer from a “culture shock” and thus experience difficulties in gun control transitioning from military life to essays, civilian life. (pp. 247-248). Although overrepresented in the general population, the proportion of irish phrases homeless veteran families receiving sheltered services[23] in 2011was much lower than the proportion of world essays non-veteran families receiving sheltered services. They believed HUD and VA estimates indicated that about 20% of sharer non-veteran homeless adults received sheltered services with their families; whereas, only about 4% of quality essays homeless veterans received such services with their families. (p.

249). This is not only appalling, it is also disgraceful. The practice is not only on the secret sharer gross injustice; it is also betrayal by the government. Military service in war zones is different than going to work in your office at quality, the Pentagon. Of Poverty Essay. According to Jennifer Roberts (2013), every day veterans who serve in the military in war zones, are exposed to a “variety of risks, including physical injury, psychological trauma, environmental agent exposure, and numerous stressors impacting personal life.” (p. 274). Washington, et al.’s (2010)[24] research postulated that the characteristics linked to veterans’ homelessness include anxiety disorder, poor health, disability, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), unemployment, and sexual assault during military service. Research findings suggest that these problems are the consequences of their military service to the United States. (pp. World. 82, 88-91). Therefore, abandoning these selfless soldiers, after returning home, is a travesty of reporting essay justice and a betrayal.

Coll Weiss (2013) asserted that the United States’ “engagement in the Global War on Terrorism” w a s estimated by essays, experts to cause a significant number of “invisible wounds of war,” which would be as high as 300,000 veterans; and bible topics that such injuries include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury, and “other related mental disorders.” (p. 281). Thus, since the United States government sent these wounded veterans to war, it is under obligation to quality essays, provide adequate services for them when they return home. Essay Secret. Such services include Transition Assistance Program (TAP), the quality world essays Disabled Transition Assistance Program (DTAP), and the Wounded Warrior program; in order to reintegrate them into the society they once knew and help them transition into civilian life. Due to their pathologies, medical disabilities, and essay on the secret transportation problems, some veterans are so medically and psychological maladjusted that they are not able to access the treatments and help they need. For example, according to Carrillo et al. (2012), “John Doe is a heterosexual male Vietnam era soldier who is more than 65 years old, has severe chronic untreated arthritic pain, is actively abusing alcohol, has no income, is chronically homeless and has been sleeping on the streets for more than 20 years. He was found in the streets under a bush and smelled of urine and quality was covered from head to effects of poverty on children essay, toe with lice and various other mites.” (p. 253). This should not be allowed to world, happen to anyone who has served in combat for the United States, which is supposed to be the greatest country in the world. It is misleading to a business venture essay, say that some veterans are beyond help or that they do not want the responsibilities of independent living; as the opposing argument proponents suggested.

They cite the case studies about John Doe (above) and Sam (discussed earlier) as reasons why the government should not do more in eliminating veterans’ homelessness. Although these two cases, at first glance, appear to be failures; they are actually success stories that the federal government would do well to replicate nationwide. Fortunately, according to the authors, what helped John Doe to eventually get off the streets were the world essays coordinated efforts and collaboration of the Veterans Affairs through community non-profit agencies, VA emergency department medical staff, VA managers, VA Outreach workers, and community emergency response team. As for Sam, he was eventually motivated by his counselor to on children, have a shift in thinking through “Stages of Change dialogue and client-centered treatment planning.” (Carrillo, et al., p. 250). Because of the successful Motivational Interviewing (MI) counseling sessions, Sam was able to enroll in Housing First program and later secured a permanent housing through Section 8. Sam’s successful intervention can be replicated nationwide. Failure to world, do so is betrayal by the government. Some argue that we cannot spend more because of our national debt. Such argument is invalid. On Children Essay. Studies show that the world costs of leaving veterans homeless, especially disabled veterans, are just as high, if not higher, than providing them with permanent supportive housing.

Data indicated that the financial costs of homelessness, to the government, are higher than the funding venture costs of housing them, because of “the costs of public crisis services used by chronically homeless people who do not have permanent supportive housing.” (Burt, et al., p. Essays. 63; Carrillo, et al., p. 265; Rosenheck, et al[25], pp.1256-1264). Declining wages and rising costs of housing have complicated veteran homelessness and have put permanent housing out of reach for some veterans. Giving these veterans Section 8 vouchers, or other similar housing vouchers, are effective ways to get the veterans off the streets. Several research findings support such programs. For example, Maria O’Connell, et. al. Effects. (2008)[26] postulated that the findings of one study, which also corroborated their own findings, indicated that “individuals with access to Section 8 housing were five times more likely than persons without such access to achieve stability in independent housing, regardless of substance abuse diagnosis.” (pp.

268-276). Quality World Essays. Sadly, both the federal and state governments have prevented the successful implementation of the beneficial programs and services discussed in this article. Spurred on by big businesses and the super-rich, the politicians (especially Republicans) aggressively defunded programs and services that help the poor, including veterans. Such programs and essay on the secret sharer services include food stamps, Section 8, and Aids to Families with Dependent Children. For example, in the eastern district of quality world Virginia, the waiting lists for Section 8 are three to five years. No new application has been accepted since 2009. Social service agencies in six different cities and counties told Uncle Nosa the same thing. Uncle Nosa is a divorced highly educated (up to PhD level) former law-enforcement officer and businessman, legal professional, and project management professional, with several degrees; but who is now disabled and psychological of poverty on children essay unable to work. His monthly social security disability (SSDI) income cannot even pay rent, let alone pay for other expenses. Hence he became homeless in late 2009. He was repeatedly denied Medicaid and was told to spend about $2,005 and $2,900 every six months before he could qualify for Medicaid.

Two months before he became homeless, he applied for emergency housing assistance and food stamps; but he was denied housing assistance, citing lack of quality funding. Nevertheless, he was awarded $369 per month for food stamps. Although he appreciated it, Uncle Nosa told the social service worker that he preferred housing assistance to food stamp. They insisted that no housing assistance was available. United Way and other agencies told him the same thing. Two months later, he became homeless and has been homeless ever since. Upon being informed that Uncle Nosa was homeless, social services reduced his food stamps from $369 to $16 per month, stating that the drastic reduction was a result of his self-reported homelessness.

That is the kind of logic and bureaucracy that veterans also have to deal with in the United States. Both sides propounded compelling arguments for essay, their respective positions. Nevertheless, because the quality world essays United States sent soldiers to war and reporting essay caused their problems, it should also provide permanent housing for the veterans. On a final note, it is imperative to quality world essays, underscore that the United States sent people to the moon, explores Mars and other planets, has the most advanced weaponry in existence, dominates the entire world, has the world’s largest economy, spends the largest portion of psychological effects of poverty on children essay its annual budget on military defense, has fought the world essays greatest number of wars in history; and war costs a lot of funding venture essay money. Therefore, for this country to be unable or unwilling to adequately care for homeless veterans, who fought these wars, is not only a shame and a travesty of justice, it is also the ultimate betrayal of the veterans by our government. American Psychiatric Association. (1994, March 01). A model of homelessness among male veterans of the Vietnam War generation. American Journal of Psychiatry, 151(3), pp.421-427 . Retrieved on June 09, 2013, from:

Burt, M., et al. (2004, January). Strategies for reducing chronic street homelessness: Final report. Washington, DC: U. S. Department of essays Housing and Urban Development, Office of Policy Development Research. Retrieved on June 10, 2013, from : Dalgish, G.M. Gun Control And Second Amendment Essay. (Editor, 2001). Random House Webster’s advance English dictionary. New York: Random House.

Executive Office of the President of the United States. (2002-2013). Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8). . Retrieved on quality world essays June 17, 2013, from: Mares, A.S. Essay. Rosenheck, R.A. (2004, October). Perceived relationship between military service and homelessness among homeless veterans with mental illness. Journal of world Nervous Mental Disease , 192(10), pp. 715-719. Retrieved on June 09, 2013, from: O#8217;Connell, M.J.; Kasprow, W.; Rosenheck, R.A. (2008, March 01).

Rates and risk factors for homelessness after successful housing in funding a business venture essay a sample of formerly homeless veterans. Psychiatry Services , 59(3), pp. 268-275. Retrieved on June 09, 2013, from: Washington, D.L.; Yano, E.M.; McGuire, J.; Hines, V.; Lee, M.; Gelberg, L. (2010, February). Risk factors for homelessness among women veterans. Journal of Health Care for world essays, the Poor and Underserved , 21(1), pp. 82-91. Retrieved on June 09, 2013, from: . Wenzel S.L; Find all citations by this author (default). Gelberg L.; Find all citations by this author (default). Bakhtiar L.; Find all citations by this author (default).

Caskey N.; Find all citations by this author (default). Hardie E.; Find all citations by bible essay topics, this author (default). Redford C.; Find all citations by this author (default). [1] Edited by Gerald M. Dalgish, PhD. Quality Essays. [2] Martha Burt, John Hedderson, Jannie Zweig, Mary Jo Ortiz, Laudan Aron-Turnham, and essay topics Sabrina M. Johnson. (2004, January). Strategies for reducing chronic street homelessness: Final report. Washington, DC: U. S. Quality World Essays. Department of Housing and essay Urban Development, Office of Policy Development Research. Martha R. Burt, of Urban Institute (UI); John Hedderson, of Walter R. McDonald Associates, Inc. (WRMA); Janine Zweig, of UI; Mary Jo Ortiz, of WRMA; Laudan Aron-Turnham, of UI; and Sabrina M. Johnson, of WRMA. [3] Edward V. Carrillo, Joseph J. Costello, and quality world Caleb Yoon Ra. (2012). Homelessness among veterans. Gun Control. In Allen Rubin, Eugenia L. Weiss, and world Jose E. Coll. (Editors, 2013) . Handbook of Military Social Work . NJ: John Wiley Sons, Inc., Chapter 15, pp.

247-269. [4] Donna L. Washington, MD, MPH; Elizabeth M. Yano, PhD, MSPH; James McGuire, PhD, MSW; Vivian Hines, MSW, ACSW; Martin Lee, PhD; and essay Lillian Gelberg, MD, MSPH. (2010, February). Risk factors for homelessness among women veterans. Journal of quality world Health Care for effects of poverty, the Poor and world Underserved , 21(1), pp. 82-91. [5] Suzanne L. Venture. Wenzel; Lillian Gelberg; Lailee Bakhtiar; Nicholas Caskey; Elizabeth Hardie; Carol Redford; Nancy Sadler (1993, December). Indicators of essays chronic homelessness among veterans. Hospital Community Psychiatry , 44(12), pp. Essay. 1172-1176. The authors are researchers at the Department of Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles, CA 90024. [6] Jennifer Roberts. (2013). Navigating systems of care.

In Allen Rubin, Eugenia L. Weiss, and Jose E. Coll. (Editors, 2013) . Quality World. Handbook of Military Social Work . NJ: John Wiley Sons, Inc., Chapter 16, pp. 270-280. [7] Alvin S. Mares, PhD, MSW; and funding a business essay Robert A. Rosenheck, MD. (2004, October). World Essays. Perceived relationship between military service and homelessness among homeless veterans with mental illness. Journal of Nervous Mental Disease , 192(10), pp. 715-719. [8] American Psychiatric Association. (1994, March 01). Essay. A model of homelessness among male veterans of the Vietnam War generation.

American Journal of Psychiatry, 151(3), pp.421-427 . [9] Carrillo, Edward V.; Costello, Joseph J.; Ra, Caleb Yoon. (2012). Homelessness among veterans. In Allen Rubin, Eugenia L. Essays. Weiss, and Jose E. Coll. Psychological Of Poverty On Children. (Editors, 2013) . Handbook of world essays Military Social Work. NJ: John Wiley Sons, Inc., Chapter 15, pp. 247-269. [10] HUD Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher , according to the website of the Executive Office of the President of the United States at on the secret sharer,, is a program that “provides assistance to very low-income families to afford decent, safe, and quality sanitary housing. Housing can include single-family homes, townhouses and reporting essay apartments and is not limited to units located in subsidized housing projects.” The site also states the following as the quality world program’s general requirements: “Housing choice vouchers are administered locally by Public Housing Agencies (PHAs).

A family that is funding essay issued a housing voucher is quality essays responsible for reporting essay, finding a suitable housing unit of the family#8217;s choice where the owner agrees to rent under the program. A housing subsidy is world essays paid to the landlord directly by the PHA on behalf of the reporting essay participating family. The family then pays the quality difference between the actual rent charged by the landlord and the amount subsidized by irish, the program.” Retrieved on June 17, 2013, from: [11] Martha Burt, John Hedderson, Jannie Zweig, Mary Jo Ortiz, Laudan Aron-Turnham, and Sabrina M. Johnson. (2004, January). Strategies for reducing chronic street homelessness: Final report. Washington, DC: U. Quality World Essays. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of psychological Policy Development Research. Quality Essays. [12] For example, the National Alliance to End Homelessness provides adequate information about State and on the Local Plans to End Homelessness on its website at: (Burt, et al., 2004, p. xiii). [13] Jose E. Coll, Eugenia L. Weiss (2013). Transitioning veterans into civilian life. In Allen Rubin, Eugenia L. Weiss, and Jose E. Coll. (Editors, 2013) . Handbook of Military Social Work . NJ: John Wiley Sons, Inc., Chapter 17, pp. 281-295. [14] According to Burt, et al. (2004), Low-Demand housing is essays “very successful at attracting chronic street homeless people … these low-demand programs can bring difficult-to-recruit individuals into permanent supportive housing.” (pp. xxi 26). [15] Housing First places people “directly from the streets into permanent housing units with appropriate supportive services, including safe haven programs for people with serious mental illness and similar programs for people whose primary problem is addiction.” (Burt, et al, 2004, pp. xx-xxi). [16] According to Burt, et al. (2004), Safe Havens are a variation of Housing First and they “are very low cost or free housing programs for homeless persons who, at the time, are unwilling or unable to participate in and second amendment mental health treatment programs or other supportive services. Safe havens provide low demand housing with no limits on length of stay. The Stewart B. Essays. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act, as amended in 1992 by Public Law 102-550, authorized the Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to make grants for such housing, but not all the programs we refer to receive these grants.” (pp. 2 25). [17] HUD Section 811 program is reporting essay similar to HUD Section 8 Choice Voucher and, according to essays, Burt, et al. On The. (2004), it provides #8220;funding to nonprofit organizations to develop rental housing with the availability of supportive services for very low-income adults with disabilities, and provides rent subsidies for the projects to help make them affordable.#8221; (pp.

29 75). [18] Both the quality Montgomery G.I. Bill and the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill provide financial assistances to all veterans who want to advance their education with college degrees and/or want to purchase a home; and they may also provide rental subsidies to veterans. (Coll Weiss, 2013, pp. Of Poverty Essay. 290-291). [19] Federal funding through the McKinney-Vento Act is the most common federal funding source for agencies serving the chronically homeless population. Such funding includes programs administered by HUD as part of its supportive emergency services, as well as transitional and permanent supportive housing. Examples include the Emergency Shelter Grants program; Emergency Food and Shelter Program; Supportive Housing Program (for transitional and permanent housing); Shelter Plus Care (permanent housing); Section 8 (permanent housing); Health Care for the Homeless; Section 811; Projects for Assistance in Transition from world essays, Homelessness; and reporting essay several other programs administered by the Veterans Affairs specifically designed to help homeless veterans. Quality World Essays. (Burt, et al., 2004, pp. 68-75). [20] According to Edward Carrillo, et al. (2012), Domiciliary Care for bible essay topics, Homeless Veterans provides temporary and world essays permanent housing for homeless veterans who are unable to live independently because of medical or psychiatric disabilities. (p. 255). [21] Edward Carrillo, et al. (2012) affirmed that the Homeless Persons Reintegration Program (HPRP) provides career training and employment services for reporting essay, homeless veterans who are motivated enough to want to secure gainful employment. (pp. 255-256). [22] Community Homelessness Assessment, Local Education, and Networking Groups, or “Project CHALENG,” was designed by the VA to improve the continuum of services for the homeless veterans, which the local VA office provides through a network of local community agencies serving the homeless population. (Carrillo, et al, 2012, pp. 256-257). [23] Sheltered services include programs and services that provide temporary, transitional, and/or permanent housing to quality, homeless people. [24] Donna L. Washington, MD, MPH; Elizabeth M. Yano, PhD, MSPH; James McGuire, PhD, MSW; Vivian Hines, MSW, ACSW; Martin Lee, PhD; and Lillian Gelberg, MD, MSPH. (2010, February).

Risk factors for essay secret sharer, homelessness among women veterans. Essays. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved , 21(1), pp. 82-91. [25] Robert Rosenheck, MD, Catherine Leda Seibyl, MSN, MPH. (1998, August). Homelessness: Health service use and related costs. Medicare Care , 36(8), pp. 1256-1264. [26] Maria J. O#8217;Connell, PhD; Wesley Kasprow, PhD; and Robert A. Rosenheck, MD. (2008, March 01).

Rates and risk factors for homelessness after successful housing in a sample of formerly homeless veterans. Psychiatry Services , 59(3), pp. Reporting Essay. 268-275. The articles states that the authors are affiliated with the Department of essays Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine in Connecticut. Furthermore, Dr.

Kasprow and Dr. Rosenheck are also with the Department of funding a business venture Veterans Affairs Northeast Program Evaluation Center in Connecticut; while Dr. O’Connell is with the world Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health, also in Connecticut. 2 Responses to #34; Homelessness Among Veterans: Self-Inflicted or Government Betrayal? #34; On closed military bases housing units are rotting away. Reporting Essay. Again such a waste of money.

You must be logged in to post a comment Login. Sukhoi Berkut : ISIS claims responsibility for Las Vegas attack, says shooter converted to Islam a few months prior Cold Wind : Las Vegas Shooting: The Islamic State’s Last Stand MileHighLife : Las Vegas: Mass casualties in Mandalay Bay shooting mb. : Las Vegas Shooting: The Islamic State’s Last Stand mb. : Las Vegas Shooting: The Islamic State’s Last Stand Trakkath : Where is Alex Jones when you need him? MileHighLife : Las Vegas: Mass casualties in Mandalay Bay shooting Trakkath : Las Vegas: Mass casualties in Mandalay Bay shooting Trakkath : Las Vegas: Mass casualties in Mandalay Bay shooting Trakkath : Las Vegas: Mass casualties in Mandalay Bay shooting. Veterans Today (VT) is an independent online journal representing the positions and providing news for members of the world military and veteran community in areas of national security, geopolitical stability and domestic policy. All writers are fully independent and represent their own point of view and on children not necessarily the point of view of any other writer, administrator or entity.

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Free Information Technology essays. Efficiency Enhancing Applications. There are several efficiency enhancing applications that use wireless communication technology in ITS to improve road and transportation efficiencies mainly by reducing congestions on roads and by easing traffic flow and reducing accidents. Congestion occurs when the demand for travel exceeds highway capacity and is, in fact, a real problem, and it poses an quality world unbearable burden and threat to drivers. Gun Control Essay! Several policies tackle the problem of congestion depending on local conditions and priorities, and one of quality them is to apply the Convenience or Cooperative Traffic Efficiency Application which is employed by on children, authorities to ease traffic flow and resolve the quality world essays, problem of congestion. Cooperative Traffic Efficiency provides two applications: 1. Cooperative Speed Management (CSM) 2. Cooperative Navigation (CoNa) 1. Cooperative Speed Management comprises two services: a. CSM-Speed Limits Notification: It provides speed limit notifications about current regulatory speed limits and about one or more recommended relative speed limits.

b. CSM-Traffic Light Optimal Speed Advisory: It is responsible for traffic light optimal speed advisory in which a roadside ITS station delivers information about the existing traffic light phases (green, yellow, or red), the time left before traffic light phase changes, and the duration for each phase. The vehicle adjusts its journey accordingly. 2. Cooperative Navigation. The Cooperative Navigation Application assists vehicles in navigation and aids vehicles in adjusting their itinerary according to sharer their geographic location. The CoNa application provides many services, some of world which are: a. Traffic Probe (TP): in which vehicles collect TP information and psychological essay send it to roadside units for quality world traffic management. b. Free-Flow Tolling (TOLL): When a car passes through a toll point, a roadside antenna connects with the OBU mounted in the car, and reporting essay then vehicles are billed automatically as they pass through the tolling area, increasing throughput and reducing delay. Essays! TOLL applications are an efficient way of financing new infrastructure and easing traffic flow saving drivers’ time and frustration, and allowing them to drive continuously through tolling areas. c. Vehicle registration, inspection, credentials: Vehicle inspection help to regulate the legality of goods/person transportations using wireless vehicular networks that allow the exchange of data between vehicles and infrastructures avoiding the need for stopping vehicles to validate a driver’s license, or to inspect vehicle or trip documentation. d. Bible Topics! Congested Road Notification (CRN): In which a vehicle sends notifications about road congestion to roadside units to quality essays help improve route and trip planning. e. Parking Availability Notification (PAN): In which information about available parking lots in a particular area are sent to vehicles. f. Parking Spot Locator (PSL): In which a vehicle obtains a list of available parking spots upon entering a parking lot [26].

Mobility Enhancing Applications. In the US, traffic congestion results in irish phrases an $87.2 billion annual drain on the economy with road takers spending 4.2 billion hours annually in traffic jams, according to the 2009 Urban Mobility Report published by quality world, the Texas Transportation Institute. Wireless communications combine information from roadside units and in-vehicle devices to provide system managers and users with detailed real-time dynamic data about the conditions of the transportation system and the vehicles on the road helping them in making more efficient and convenient travel choices. Essay Secret! In addition, wireless communications can provide information about world essays, weather and road conditions allowing drivers to make safer and venture essay more efficient decisions, and allowing the diversion of traffic away from an incident that may hinder the traffic flow. Consequently, this eases traffic flow and improves mobility on the roads [27]. Environmental Protection Applications. The implementation of wireless communications and ICT in the transport system allows road drivers to make choices that can affect both the overall demand for transport and for different transportation modes, such as easing home working, encouraging transportation mode switch, or optimizing the use of the world essays, system infrastructure in gun control and second amendment some way resulting in improved efficiency, improved safety, enhanced traveler experience or the use of a more sustainable mode of operation. Wireless communications can therefore lessen the need to quality world essays travel for social and business purposes. In addition, since wireless communications connect corresponding sectors and services of the transport network through digital connections rather than the physical negotiation of geographical space, they can minimize the carbon intensive physical transport movement. Sharer! Minimizing unnecessary travel using wireless communication and arranging well for essays unavoidable journeys using Real-Time Traffic Information (RTTI) is consistent with the “smarter choices” agenda. Smarter choices are ‘soft’ practices that affect travelers positively and boost a more sustainable voluntary behavior in schools, workplaces or at homes by producing and implementing travel plans.

The smarter choices agenda could possible decrease national traffic levels by 10’15% if supplemented by bible essay topics, ‘hard’ practices, and could thus significantly cut the carbon emissions of the transportation sector [28]. ITS advanced applications: Collision Avoidance Systems. Collision Avoidance Systems are another type of the quality world essays, applications of ITS that rely on amendment essay several technologies including wireless vehicular communications. Quality World! They have revolutionized transportation systems and a business venture essay roads by world essays, improving safety on roads, improving mobility and efficiency, and reducing the negative impact on the environment. The main advantage that would be gained from the installation and implementation of the collision avoidance systems on roads and in transportation is the almost complete reduction in psychological on children the number of vehicles crashes and collisions. Consequently, collision avoidance systems would help increase, to a very high level, the safety levels on roads and as a result improve efficiency and mobility due to reduced congestions. Along with other intelligent transportation systems, collision avoidance systems also reduce the negative impact on the environment and thus help protect it. I. Impact on Road Safety and Efficiency. Collision Avoidance Systems employ several techniques and quality essays applications that help avoid or minimize almost all different types of collisions. The following section provides a description of each type of collision along with the collision avoidance systems used to prevent it.

1. Rear-end collisions. Rear-end collisions occur when a vehicle collides into the vehicle in front of it when the rear vehicle cannot make a suitable maneuver to prevent the crash mainly because of following very closely the essay, rear vehicle and world essays sudden brake of the front vehicle. Driving assistance systems provide information for the rear driver about the front vehicle’s behavior, and guide the driver on a safe speed/ headway. Collision Avoidance Systems used to prevent it. Rear-End Collision Avoidance Using Headway Monitoring. Monitoring vehicles’ headways allows for the application of rear-end collision avoidance systems which include: 1. Monitoring/informing systems: They monitor the driving environment, such as the headway with the front vehicle, and then inform the driver about it. 2. On The! Forward crash warning systems: They warn the driver of any dangerous and critical conditions with the essays, front vehicle. 3. Advisory systems: these advise the and second amendment essay, driver on the most suitable control actions that should be taken to maintain safety. 4. Control intervention systems: These can intervene with the vehicle’s control system regulating the vehicle’s acceleration/deceleration. Rear-End Collision Avoidance Using Wireless Networks.

Rear-end collisions can also be prevented or minimized in severity, by decreasing the time between an emergency event happening and the time that approaching vehicles react to it. There are several methods by world, which this can be achieved but the most common is through the use of wireless communication to broadcast warning messages to approaching cars. The warning messages sent by a braking or a slowly moving vehicle enables the approaching vehicles to take appropriate actions, such as by slowing down or changing lanes, much earlier than it is possible with the current use of visible light signals; therefore, reducing the possibility of crashes and chain collisions. 2. Chain collision accidents. Chain collision accidents occur when an initial collision between two vehicles results in a series of collisions involving the vehicles behind. It mainly occurs because of phrases drivers’ inability to react in time to an emergency event. Collision Avoidance Systems Used to prevent it.

Chain collisions are usually avoided using a Car Collision Avoidance (CCA) mechanism in which an incident warning message is propagated from world essays vehicle to funding venture vehicle allowing drivers to respond to a critical incident before actually seeing it. This allows avoiding the traditional chain of drivers reacting to the brake lights of vehicles ahead of them, thus reducing the time delay between the quality world essays, occurrences of a critical incident and approaching vehicles being informed of it. This mechanism usually relies on wireless communications in which vehicles transmit warning messages to each other alerting the vehicles and the drivers to take proper action either by funding essay, slowing down to a recommended speed or by applying a higher than normal deceleration rate. 3. Quality World! Lane change and reporting essay overtaking collisions. Lane change takes place when a vehicle changes its position from an originating lane to a destination lane of the quality world, same traffic direction. Overtaking happens when vehicles change position on lanes of opposite bible, traffic direction, such as overtaking a slow moving truck on a divided two-way highway. Collision Avoidance Systems used to quality essays prevent it. Lane change and overtaking collisions can be avoided by two measures: infrastructural and in-vehicle. Reporting Essay! Infrastructural measures include making modifications to the infrastructure, such as widening of lanes and reducing curvature.

On the quality world essays, other hand, in-vehicle driver assistance systems provide information to the drivers about the surrounding traffic conditions, using sensors and wireless communication networks, allowing the drivers to take proper actions to avoid lane change and overtaking collisions. In-vehicle driver assistance systems include: a. Driver informing systems: continuously inform the drivers about the bible essay topics, driving environment and conditions, especially those that are not perceivable to the drivers (e.g. World Essays! blind spot) or that can be provided with a higher accuracy than human perception (e.g. vehicle speed). b. Driver warning/advisory systems: evaluate the safety of a situation and warns the gun control amendment, drivers when a particular threshold condition is met or exceeded. It can also provide advice to the drivers about the quality, optimal actions to take, such as the optimal moment to overtake. c. Control intervention systems: impose semiautomatic vehicle control for collision avoidance, such as by applying deceleration or heading change in the face of a collision. d. Fully automatic control systems: impose automatic vehicle control from braking, to steering and throttle control in psychological essay the face of a collision, without allowing the essays, driver to overrule the system’s actions.

4. Intersection Collisions. A large portion of road accidents occur at road intersections, and they can involve pedestrians as well as vehicles. Reporting Essay! Traditional methods of preventing intersection collisions include intersection control devices, stop signs and traffic signals. Collision Avoidance Systems used to prevent it. There are several collision avoidance systems that are used to prevent intersection collisions and thus improve safety and efficiency on the roads, some of which include: a. Cooperative systems: create a connected network between vehicles and quality world the infrastructure based on vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) wireless communications which form the on the secret, core of such systems and can help drivers understand the complex state of activities occurring in an approaching intersection. b. Intersection Control Devices: work in agreement with the basic traffic laws to quality help provide information to drivers so they can drive their vehicles safely along the road. An example includes the right-of-way principle that informs vehicles about phrases, which driver has priority when approaching or entering an intersection. c. Autonomous Collision Avoidance (CAS) Systems: These systems mainly use image processing algorithms to recognize objects on roads and then track them to estimate their dynamics and alert drivers of quality world possible collisions. In addition, many of those systems bring about other advantages as well (e.g. positioning, on-board digital maps) so as to effects contextualize the specific intersection geometry the vehicle is crossing. These systems have attracted particular attention of researchers as low-cost computers increased in performance allowing for increased road efficiency and lower costs.

Other Avoidance Techniques. Some other collision avoidance systems use stereo infrared vehicle-mounted cameras to world essays track the movements of pedestrians at night and funding venture essay then provide a voice warning and highlight infrared images of the pedestrians using a heads-up display on the windshield. This system has a particular safety advantage since it prevents night accidents and fatalities which are usually twice as much as those occurring during the day. Other systems of the same type depart from the traditional vehicle-mounted cameras and use several video cameras installed at an intersection to predict possible collisions. 5. Car and Pedestrian Collisions. Car and Pedestrian collisions are considered the most serious road accidents as they usually lead to fatalities or serious injuries. However, during the last decades the number of fatalities or serious injuries from car and pedestrian collisions has declined due to advancements in passive vehicle safety by the use of safety belts, airbags, the Antilock Braking System (ABS), crumple zones, and the electronic stability control (ESC(. Collision avoidance systems have the potential to further reduce car and pedestrian collisions. Collision Avoidance Systems used to prevent it. The implementation of new vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure wireless communications in the collision avoidance systems and exchanging information about danger zones can enhance the safety of essays car passengers by avoiding collisions.

Devices such as rising hoods or pedestrian airbags have been invented to essay avoid a pedestrian hitting the engine block and the windshield. Quality World Essays! In addition to the implementation of and second active collision avoidance systems, governments worldwide are setting new requirements and enacting new laws to increase pedestrian safety. Pedestrian Detection Using On-board Sensors: this system allows vehicles to detect the presence of quality essays pedestrians on the roads and thus take the appropriate actions to avoid collisions. Some of the sensors used in this system include: Camera-Based Systems that capture the Visible Spectrum, Cameras that capture the Infrared Light Spectrum, Laser Scanner Devices, Radars, and Sensor Fusion [26]. II- Impact on Mobility. In addition to improving safety and efficiency on bible roads, collision avoidance systems also improve the mobility of vehicles allowing for vehicles to move freely without having to go through congested traffic and also allows for fast emergency responses. As part of the collision avoidance systems, an Automatic Crash Notification system automatically notifies the world, nearest emergency call center in an incident of vehicles collision. After that, data from vehicular sensors will provide the call center with all the essay secret sharer, information needed to save the quality world, situation, such as: whether the vehicle was involved in gun control amendment essay a crash; whether an world essays airbag was activated; the physical impact to a business venture essay the vehicle; whether the vehicle did roll-over; the history of vehicle deceleration and status; the number of car passengers, etc. This advanced automatic crash notification system allows for quality essays the severity of emergency situations and their precise locations to be determined, and reporting essay can thus save lives readily while exploiting rescue resources efficiently and sustainably.

This method is certainly more efficient, less time-consuming and greatly improves mobility rather than the old method of accident notification in which a witness of the collision calls the police and the police then connect with the quality, fire department and medical services calling for bible topics an ambulance to the collision site [24]. III- Impact on Environmental Performance. In addition to quality essays directly improving traffic management and easing traffic flow through the reporting essay, transmission and processing of quality world information, all of the different collision avoidance systems described above help avoid excessive and aggressive driving maneuvers, uneven driving pace and secret unsafe speeds/ headways, sudden stopping and starting, and unnecessary speeding and lazing. These result in ecological driving or “eco-driving” which refers to essays good general operation of a vehicle to optimize performance and reduce environmental impact. The use of wireless communications and ICT in collision avoidance systems can further support greater automation and mobility within the transport system and therefore provide a further step towards reducing carbon emissions and reducing the carbon footprint of vehicles, for example through intelligent speed adaptation. Moreover, the effects on children, implementation of the collision avoidance systems help reduce traffic congestions and quality essays unnecessary starting and stopping further reducing carbon emissions [28]. Collision avoidance systems result in changes in mean traffic speed per and second unit time, reduction in quality world essays the period of the funding venture essay, episode of reduced capacity, reduction in unnecessary sudden stops and starts, reduction of unnecessary vehicle-miles traveled (VMT), and world reduction in amendment traffic congestion which result in quality essays a total reduction of dangerous vehicle emissions and reduction in psychological of poverty essay fuel consumption. Some of the impacts of those changes include:

1. Reduction in the emissions of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx). 2. Reduction in the emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). 3. Reduction in quality essays the emissions of Carbon Monoxide (CO). 4. Reduction in fuel consumption [29]. Search our thousands of essays: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Information Technology essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. Essay Sharer! Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question. Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Information Technology work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours. This Information Technology essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies.

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Kindergarten or Elementary School Teacher. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers prepare younger students for future schooling by world essays, teaching them basic subjects such as math and reading. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers typically do the following: Plan lessons that teach students subjects, such as reading and math, and skills, such as studying and communicating with others Assess students to evaluate their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses Teach lessons they have planned to an entire class of students or to smaller groups Grade students’ assignments to monitor their progress Communicate with parents about their child’s progress Work with students individually to help them overcome specific learning challenges Prepare students for and second amendment, standardized tests required by the state Develop and enforce classroom rules to essays, teach children proper behavior Supervise children outside of the effects on children, classroom—for example, during lunchtime or recess. Kindergarten and quality elementary school teachers help students learn and bible essay topics apply important concepts. Many teachers use a hands-on approach, such as the use of props, to quality, help students understand abstract concepts, solve problems, and reporting essay develop critical thinking skills. For example, they may show students how to quality world, do a science experiment and funding a business venture then have the world, students do the experiment. Bible Essay Topics! They may have students work together to learn how to collaborate to solve problems.

Kindergarten and elementary school teachers generally teach kindergarten through fourth or fifth grade. However, in some schools, elementary school teachers may teach sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. They most often teach students many subjects, such as reading, science, and social studies, which students learn throughout the day. Some teachers, particularly those who teach young students, may teach a multilevel class that includes children who would traditionally be in different grades. They may have the same group of students for quality world, several years. Kindergarten and elementary school students spend most of irish phrases, their day in one classroom. Teachers may escort students to assemblies; to classes taught by essays, other teachers, such as art or music; or to recess. While students are away from the classroom, teachers plan lessons, grade assignments, or meet with other teachers and staff. In some schools with older students, teachers work in teams. Essay! Each teacher often specializes in teaching one of world, two pairs of specialties, either English and psychological effects of poverty on children social studies or math and science.

Generally, students spend half their time with one teacher and half their time with the other. Some kindergarten and elementary school teachers teach special classes, such as art, music, and quality world physical education. Some schools employ teachers of English as a second language (ESL) or English for speakers of other languages (ESOL). Both of essay, these types of teachers work exclusively with students who are learning English, often referred to as English language learners (ELLs). The teachers work with students individually or in groups to help them improve their English skills and to essays, help them with assignments they got in other classes. Students with learning disabilities or emotional or behavioral disorders are often taught in traditional classes. Psychological Of Poverty On Children! Teachers work with special education teachers to adapt lessons to these students’ needs and quality world essays monitor the students’ progress.

In some cases, kindergarten and elementary school teachers may co-teach lessons with special education teachers. Some teachers maintain websites to communicate with parents about students’ assignments, upcoming events, and grades. For students in higher grades, teachers may create websites or discussion boards to reporting essay, present information or to expand on a lesson taught in class. Kindergarten and quality world essays elementary school teachers held about 1.5 million jobs in 2012. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers work in psychological on children, public and world private schools. Some private early childhood education programs have preschool classes in addition to kindergarten. Most states have tenure laws, which mean that after a certain number of essay sharer, years of teaching satisfactorily, teachers have some job security.

Seeing students develop new skills and learn information can be rewarding. At the quality essays, same time, however, teaching also may be stressful. Some schools have large classes and lack important teaching tools, such as computers and up-to-date textbooks. Most teachers are held accountable for their students’ performances on on children essay standardized tests, which can be frustrating. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers generally work during school hours when students are present. They may meet with parents, students, and other teachers before and essays after school.

They often spend time in the evenings and on weekends grading papers and preparing lessons. Many kindergarten and elementary school teachers work the irish essay, traditional 10-month school year, with a 2-month break during the summer. Some teachers may teach summer programs. Teachers in districts with a year-round schedule typically work 8 weeks in a row, are on break for 1 week before starting a new schooling session, and also have a 5-week midwinter break. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers must have a bachelor’s degree. In addition, public school teachers must have a state-issued certification or license. All states require public kindergarten and elementary school teachers to have at least a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.

Some states also require kindergarten and quality world essays elementary school teachers to major in a content area, such as math or science. They typically enroll in reporting essay, their university’s teacher preparation program and also take classes in education and child psychology in addition to those required by their major. In teacher education programs, future teachers learn how to present information to world essays, young students and how to work with young students of varying abilities and reporting essay backgrounds. Programs typically include fieldwork, such as student teaching. For information about teacher preparation programs in your state, visit Some states require all teachers to earn a master’s degree after receiving their teaching certification. Teachers in private schools do not need to meet state requirements, such as certifications or licenses. However, private schools typically seek kindergarten and elementary school teachers who have a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations. All states require teachers in public schools to be licensed or certified.

Those who teach in private schools are generally not required to be licensed. Kindergarten and world essays elementary school teachers are typically certified to gun control and second amendment, teach early childhood grades, which are usually preschool through third grade, or elementary school grades, which are usually first through sixth grades or first through eighth grades. Requirements for certification vary by state. However, all states require at least a bachelor’s degree. They also require completing a teacher preparation program and supervised experience in teaching, typically gained through student teaching. Some states require a minimum grade point average. States often require candidates to pass a general teaching certification test, as well as a test that demonstrates their knowledge of the subject they will teach. Although kindergarten and elementary school teachers typically do not teach only a single subject, they may still be required to pass a content area test to earn their certification. For information on certification requirements in your state, visit Teachers are frequently required to complete annual professional development classes to keep their license.

Most states require teachers to pass a background check. Some states require teachers to complete a master’s degree after receiving their certification. All states offer an alternative route to certification for quality world essays, people who already have a bachelor’s degree but lack the irish essay, education courses required for certification. Some alternative certification programs allow candidates to begin teaching immediately after graduation, under the supervision of an world essays experienced teacher. Effects Of Poverty On Children Essay! These programs cover teaching methods and child development. After they complete the program, candidates are awarded full certification. Other programs require students to quality, take classes in education before they can teach. Students may be awarded a master’s degree after completing one of these programs. For information about alternative certification programs, contact Teach-Now. In order to gun control amendment, receive certification, teachers need to undergo a period of fieldwork, commonly referred to as student teaching.

During student teaching, they work with a mentor teacher and essays get experience teaching students in a classroom setting. The amount of time required varies by state. Communication skills. Teachers must collaborate with teacher assistants and bible topics special education teachers. In addition, they need to discuss students’ needs with parents and administrators.

Creativity. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers must plan lessons that engage young students, adapting the lessons to different learning styles. Patience. Working with students of different abilities and backgrounds can be difficult. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers must respond with patience when students struggle with material. Resourcefulness. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers need to be able to explain difficult concepts in terms that young students can understand. In addition, they must be able to get students engaged in quality world essays, learning and funding essay adapt their lessons meet students’ needs. Experienced teachers can advance to serve as mentors to quality world, newer teachers or to become lead teachers.

In these roles, they help less experienced teachers to funding venture, improve their teaching skills. With additional education or certification, teachers may become school counselors, school librarians, or instructional coordinators. Some become assistant principals or principals, both of which generally require additional schooling in quality world, education administration or leadership. The median annual wage for kindergarten teachers was $50,120 in gun control amendment essay, May 2012. The median wage is the wage at which half the workers in an occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $32,450, and the top 10 percent earned more than $78,230.

The median annual wage for elementary school teachers was $53,400. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $35,630, and the top 10 percent earned more than $83,160. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers generally work during school hours when students are present. They may meet with parents, students, and world other teachers before and after school. They often spend time in the evenings and on essay topics weekends grading papers and quality world essays preparing lessons. Many kindergarten and elementary school teachers work the traditional 10-month school year, with a 2-month break during the summer. Some teachers may teach summer programs. Teachers in districts with a year-round schedule typically work 8 weeks in a row, are on break for 1 week before starting a new school session, and also have a 5-week midwinter break.

Compared with workers in all occupations, kindergarten and funding venture essay elementary school teachers had a higher percentage of workers who belonged to quality essays, a union in 2012. Employment of kindergarten and elementary school teachers is essay, projected to essays, grow 12 percent from 2012 to 2022, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Growth is expected due to projected increases in enrollment as well as declines in student–teacher ratios. However, employment growth will vary by region. From 2012 to on children, 2022, the student–teacher ratio across schools is expected to world, decline slightly. This ratio is the number of students for each teacher in the school.

A decline in the ratio means that each teacher is responsible for fewer students, and, consequently, more teachers are needed to teach the and second amendment essay, same number of students. In addition, the number of students enrolling in kindergarten and elementary schools is expected to increase over the coming decade, and the number of world, classes needed to accommodate these students will also rise. As a result, more teachers will be required to essay on the, teach these additional classes of kindergarten and elementary school students. Although overall student enrollment is expected to grow, there will be some variation by region. Enrollment is expected to grow fastest in the South and West. Essays! In the Midwest, enrollment is expected to hold steady, and the Northeast is gun control amendment essay, projected to have declines.

As a result, employment growth for kindergarten and elementary school teachers is expected to be faster in the South and essays West than in the Midwest and Northeast. However, despite expected increases in enrollment, employment growth for gun control, kindergarten and elementary school teachers will depend on state and local government budgets. When state and local governments experience budget deficits, they may lay off employees, including teachers. As a result, employment growth of quality world, kindergarten and a business venture essay elementary school teachers may be somewhat reduced by state and local government budget deficits. A significant number of quality world, older teachers are expected to reach retirement age between 2012 and 2022. Their retirement will create job openings for topics, new teachers. World! However, many areas of the and second amendment, country already have a surplus of quality, teachers who are trained to teach kindergarten and elementary school, making it more difficult for secret, new teachers to find jobs. Teachers of quality essays, English as a second language (ESL) and special education teachers are in short supply.

Kindergarten and elementary school teachers with education or certifications to teach these specialties should have better job opportunities. Opportunities will vary by region and school setting. Job prospects should be better in the South and West, which are expected to have rapid enrollment growth. Furthermore, opportunities will be better in urban and rural school districts than in suburban school districts. For more information about teaching and becoming a teacher, visit.

For more information about reporting essay, teacher preparation programs, visit. For more information about alternative certification programs, visit.